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Amod Industries, an ISO 9001 – 2008 Certified Company, is a premier formulator and manufacturer of thermoset molding compounds for custom molders and OEMs since 1981. The company provides customized polyester / vinylester - based bulk molding compounds (BMC), sheet molding compounds (SMC), and a new line of Structural Thermoset Compounds.

Headquartered in a 20,000 sq.ft manufacturing facility and research center in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra (INDIA), Amod Industries has a strong presence in the national and international thermoset composites market. With more than 31 years of leadership experience, Amod Industries works closely with customers to identify the optimal thermoset molding compound for each application. The company has substantial R&D resources, plus excellent chemical engineering, ISO-certified manufacturing, and comprehensive quality control.

Our intention is to work in partnership with our clients and to provide them with the best integrated team of professionals with extensive experience of major projects in the UK, western Europe, central & eastern Europe, the Middle East, CIS and Asia Pacific.

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A Leading Tool Room Manufacture Company Based in India.
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Amod Industries is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company tracks on-time and non-conforming shipments to our customers as well as internal non-conformances. Our material review board meets weekly to discuss every issue, and determine detection and prevention solutions.
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From design to delivery, our complete service offer for technical moulding. We’ve always been dedicated to producing top quality products delivered on time.

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We committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service. call us for more help.